I recently watched a documentary by the famous Sir David Attenbrough about the argument between Religion and Science for the origin of the Earth and human beings. I find it extremely interesting that someone who is surrounded by amazing species of birds and animals, and who gets to go to some incredible locations to film these animals, is so adamant that this all came to be simply by chance over millions of years. 

During the documentary, which spoke about Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, Attenbrough presented several species of finches from different parts of Africa which had different environments and food sources and therefore had different beaks. Those finches that feed on seeds from the ground had large beaks to crack open the seeds, whereas those that feed in trees on fruit and smaller seeds had smaller beaks. There was an incredible difference between the birds and their beaks, but they were still finches.

In Genesis 1:21 we read that God created all of the animals “according to their kind”. Birds, animals and sea creatures “according to their kind”. So it is possible to see flaws in Attenbrough’s argument that for the finches to have differences in their beaks due to their environment , means that they evolved over millions of years. I am sure that Attenbrough/Darwin could come up with many more arguments for the origin of our species, but would they cover such areas as the perfect placement of our planet away from the Sun? Or the arrangement of the seasons to allow different species of grass, trees and animals to thrive? Or what about where the stars came from?

Ultimately, what Darwin and Attenbrough achieve by their adherence to the Theory of Evolution, is that they remove all necessity for God being the Creator and perhaps unwittingly, or not, for God then having the right to judge and stipulate what is right and what is wrong in their lives.

We have more evidence for the Bible being the authoritative Word of God than we do for the Theory of Evolution. There is a reason that it is called the Account of Creation vs. the Theory of Evolution. The crux of Genesis 1 is that God created, and He created GOOD! We as humans unfortunately ruined this for ourselves by taking God out of the picture and deciding what is good, thus separating ourselves from God. We have continued to do this ever since Adam and Eve.

It just took one man to make this all right again. Someone who is good and who became the perfect sacrifice for our selfishness. That man was Jesus, God in the flesh. Our Bible has just a few chapters devoted to Creation and yet 89 devoted to the life of Jesus. Tell me which one is more significant? I don’t think the question is “How did the Earth and everything in it come to be?” but more “Where do you stand with Jesus, the Son of God?”

Pastor Dale