God Has A Purpose In Everything

 If we truly believe in a sovereign God – One who directs all of human history – then we can firmly say that nothing happens by accident. God has a purpose in everything. God has me here for a reason; God has you here for a reason; God has us, as a church, here for a reason and purpose. Just as each of us are unique – having different personalities; different gifts and abilities; different life experiences that have shaped us and which make us able to relate to, and minister to, others facing similar situations – this church is unique.

As a church, we have distinctive attributes, abilities, and resources that God has given us and that He wants us to use in seeing His Kingdom extended. We have been given the mission, “Make Disciples”, but what does that mission look like in our unique context – with the people we have; with the facilities we have; with the resources we have; within the local and broader community that God has placed us? We need to be praying specifically about this; to be having conversations about this; to be listening to God through those prayers and conversations. 

To get the discussion started let me ask you, ‘what do you think God’s better future for NPBC looks like – 5 years from now? 10 years from now? 20 years from now? How does that fit with who we are – our identity as a church; our DNA as a church; within the distinct community God has placed us? If we were to close the doors of this church tomorrow what impact would that have on our local community? Would it have an impact? Would our neighbours be sad? Would it leave a void? If God wants to make a difference in people’s lives in our area, and He wants to use us in that process, what will it look like – would it be any different to what we are doing now? Hopefully this gets us all thinking. 


Pastor Duncan