Mission to Queensland: Ron and Paula Turner

Mission to Queensland: Ron and Paula Turner 

Serving in Blackwater, Queensland 

Ron and Paula have a heart to see a movement of disciple making through-out the outback of Queensland, from the Flinders Highway in the north to the border of NSW in the south, and west to the Northern Territory border. 

Many people in the outback live with uncertainty about their future, especially with the ongoing drought, and a growing sense of losing control of their destiny. Coupled with this has been the steady demise of churches in these towns.

Ron and Paula Turner

Ron and Paula believe the time has come to start bringing the hope of Christ back to these communities.

They have a vision to plant 20 hubs (churches) in 20 towns by the year 2020. Because of the changing nature of many towns in the west ‘we believe that the hubs (churches) planted will be simple in design and flexible to change, meeting in houses, mine camps, farms or public places; focussed on reaching out to those who do not know Christ and discipling them to be missionaries in their own hometowns.

Ron & Paula Turner Outback QLD-HD from David Lawton on Vimeo.

For Prayer: 

*For the outback towns suffering drought and for farmers to turn to God for their healing.

*For those on the front line in drought affected areas, Rob, Ashley, Andrew, Billie and Tony.

*For a leader to be raised up in Blackwater who can facilitate and grow the church in discipleship multiplication.

*For Flor and Anita who are on the front line of ministry I our schools

*For the men’s group to be a place where they can experience and know faith in a genuine way.

*For Katrina and Emma as they participate in the Connect with Mums group.

*For the right person to be trained up to serve with Coffee Connect