Prayer – an indicator of our faith in God?

This year the Pastoral team and the Elders have been reading Tim Keller’s book, “Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God.” At each of our Elders meetings we set aside time to discuss what we have been learning. In chapter 3 of his book Keller makes the point that our prayers are profoundly altered and shaped by the amount and accuracy of our knowledge of God revealed through the Scriptures. The more we know God through His word, the deeper our relationship with Him grows and, not only do our prayers begin to reflect this, but our lives are changed.

One book in the Bible particularly makes this clear – the book of Job. Having experienced incredible tragedy Job cries out to God in agonized prayer. It is only when God speaks to Him ‘out of the whirlwind’ (Job 38:1 ff.) that Job is humbled by this deeper vision and understanding of God (Job 40:3-5) and is able to finally pray a mighty prayer of repentance and adoration (Job 42:1-6). Job is changed! His faith is strengthened and he knows a new level of peace.

In a world where we are continually faced with all kinds of challenges, let us determine to daily seek God through biblically inspired prayer so that, not only do we get to know Him better, but, through a deeper knowledge of God we ourselves are changed and given a greater confidence in Him despite our circumstances.

Let me also take this opportunity to encourage you to be earnestly in prayer regarding the appointment of a new Associate Pastor and for wisdom as we seek to know what is the best means of providing for the current growth of the church here at North Pine.

May you know the grace and peace of our glorious God and Saviour this Easter.


Pastor Duncan