God is at work in our lives every day.  The Bible tells us that all of our days are in his hands.  You might not realise it but people can be encouraged, inspired and comforted when they hear the stories of how God is at work in the lives of others.  Sometimes, hearing these stories, is a way of helping others see how God is at work in their own lives.  Everyone has a story.

You might think that yours isn’t important or inspirational.  You might think that your story is not anything special.  The thing is, whenever God is at work in a person’s life it is always significant.   Wherever you’re at, your story is a gift from God that He can use to draw people to Jesus. Take a few minutes to share what He has done in your life, or the life of someone you know.

We want to celebrate these stories and we are always looking for opportunities to share stories in our events, resources and online (we won’t publish anything without permission).

Please contact our main church office at 3204 6366 or email – office@npbc.org.au for questions about our ministries. For prayer requests please email us at prayer@npbc.org.au.